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Welcome to the world’s first Double-Decker Cookery School

Presented by Cooking With Cody!

If you’ve seen us on social media, you may have heard of our family’s journey, and our mission to provide free meals and food education for children and low-income families, and with homeless charities Shelter and Thrive.

Cooking With Cody began when Mike Trower, a single Dad with two children, Cody and Lara, started to struggle financially, and needed to rely on food banks to support their family. Mike had to wait six weeks before he could start start claiming Universal Credit, and the family had to be placed in a homeless shelter.

When Mike first began receiving food parcels, he struggled to know what to do with some of it. So he decided to expand his cooking skills alongside his little chefs! The kids loved it, and the family started making online videos.

The videos were backed by enormous support from the community, and Mike was finally able to launch his own community-interest company.

Together, Cooking With Cody have cooked over a thousand meals for the local homeless community with charity Thrive, all while continuing to do cooking tutorials online.

We have a number of projects that provide food relief to vulnerable communities in the local area. Read more about our latest project, The Double-Decker Cookery School here.

The Bus Building Progress Bar

Starting the wood work 30%


Our Bus arrived but the start of the journey didn’t go smoothly. To see what happened click here to watch the video.

Start Building

We have all of our building plans and we are starting to put the foundations down, our team are busy grafting away.

Half Way There!

This is when the the structure of the build is done, hopefully it wont feel like a London bus anymore and start to feel like a kitchen on wheels

Doing Last Bits

hopefully by this point we would have the bus having its final bits done, the out side of the bus being painted, appliances being plugged in and close to completion. 

Cooking Time!

This is when our bus is all ready to travel all over the bay and UK to teach how to cook, host events for all and much much more!