Having fought through homelessness, to a point where we could set up our own community interest company, we started a fundraiser for the first travelling cooking school in the UK.

Our Double-Decker Cookery School is our newest and greatest challenge yet: to lead a number of cookery classes for low-paid families, with tips and tricks on how to cook budget-friendly, nutritious food… on the move.

We plan to take our Double-Decker Cookery School to wherever it is needed, running practical classes on how to make low-budget, nutritious and healthy meals for whoever is in need of it.

Thanks to huge community support, and from Russell Howard, who was instrumental in helping us launch our fundraiser, we were able to hit our target to buy a double-decker.

We worked hard to get it to a state where it was suitable for hosting cooking courses, completely renovating the insides and putting in operational kitchens, but despite all our hard work, the bus was vandalised just days before completion.

But instead of giving up, we kept going. We started another fundraiser to repair the vehicle and continue our work.

With the help of community support, and publicity from the media, we have BEATEN our target of £25,000. Now, we are more inspired than ever to achieve our goal to help end child food poverty in the South West. We have now got everything we need to start the repairs, and we’ll be working hard over the next few days to replace the windows to prevent damp.

Donations are still open, and we are immensely grateful for any contributions. Let’s end food poverty together!