Cooking With Cody LIVE

The second lockdown has been announced in the UK, so we’re resuming our Live sessions with Lockdown Lunches with Mike and Lara, every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00!

Mike and youngest Lara will be cooking some of their favourite, low-cost lunches from their brand new Cornershop Cookbook (Coming in 2021), using food from food banks, long-life foods, and low-cost products. We have over 50 recipes that we will be choosing from, and we’ll be showing how to make them in a fun, interactive Livestream, twice a week!

We’ll be covering a range of filling, substantial meals for the whole family, including rice, pies, pastas, wraps, casseroles, pasta bakes, various bolognese recipes, and different jacket potatoes. Our recipes are for hearty, satisfying meals that children and adults will both enjoy, and as always, we will be giving a price estimate for each low-cost dish!

And of course, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and teach the kids at the same time! Get the whole family involved and let’s  get our aprons on!

Previous Streams

Here are some of our most recent Livestreams of Mike and Lara’s Lockdown Lunches from our Youtube channel, Cooking With Cody!