Cooking With Cody's Double-Decker Diner

Welcome to the main news page for our brand new project The Double-Decker Diner! 

The Double-Decker Diner will be the World’s First Double-Decker cookery school, and will deliver travelling cooking classes to the areas that need them most. Our portable cookery school will enable us to visit a range of local areas to deliver food education and free meals to children in need and vulnerable adults.

Your support was instrumental in getting the bus up and running, and in overcoming the latest hurdle of the bus being vandalised. Because of you, we were able to raise over and above the funds required to repair the van, achieving an enormous £26,000 for children and struggling families and individuals!

Our biggest thanks to all our supporters and our team for making this all possible! Let’s end food poverty today!

The Bus Building Progress Bar

Starting the wood work 30%


Our Bus arrived but the start of the journey didn’t go smoothly. To see what happened click here to watch the video.

Start Building

We have all of our building plans and we are starting to put the foundations down, our team are busy grafting away.

Half Way There!

This is when the the structure of the build is done, hopefully it wont feel like a London bus anymore and start to feel like a kitchen on wheels

Doing Last Bits

hopefully by this point we would have the bus having its final bits done, the out side of the bus being painted, appliances being plugged in and close to completion. 

Cooking Time!

This is when our bus is all ready to travel all over the bay and UK to teach how to cook, host events for all and much much more!

Double-Decker Diner! The World's First Double-Decker Cookery School!

After we featured on Russell Howard, Cooking with Cody bought a double-decker, which we are currently renovating into a cookery school! We will use as much of the existing equipment on this fantastic bus as possible, to be as ‘green’ as we can be.

Our first mission is to strip the interior, draw up the plans and then crack on with the build. We have many amazing people and companies on board and the list just continues to grow! 

Unfortunately, the first week the Double-Decker was with us, it was catastrophically vandalised, which pushed us back mentally. It’s been costly and massively time consuming. But we’re getting back on track.

When we reached out, our community was fantastic in responding to the challenges of poverty in the local area. We can’t wait to get this project back on the road.