Our cooking classes are open to all low-income families and individuals, so why not bring the kids along and have a meal for the family on us?

For low-income families, we have fun information and demonstrations on how to make the best of your food box. Whether you need something fast on the run, or if you’re looking for a full balanced meal to fill those little stomachs, we have budget-friendly ideas to meet everyone’s needs!
Get the kids involved in preparing nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals, and set them up with the skills they will need later in life! 

Cooking for homeless charities, Thrive and Shelter, we have also made over 1,000 free, homemade meals for the homeless population in the Torbay area. Whether you’re living on the streets, in sheltered accommodation, or couch-hopping, please drop in for one of our food drives below for a free meal.

We would like to give a huge thank you to everybody who has participated in the project; you have made all the difference to our local community, and we are very grateful for all the ingredients and products you have donated to our cookery classes. We would not be able to do any of this without donations, and every ingredient and every penny spent will be used to feed a local child in need or vulnerable adult.

Whether you’re a visitor or a volunteer, we’d love to see you here! Please see below for Cooking With Cody’s events and classes coming up.